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Your Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of a pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient. This may be done for a number of reasons – to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to obtain an exact dose needed or deemed best for a patient, to change the flavor in order to alter the taste or to change the texture to make it more acceptable to the patient.

Pharmaceutical compounding today combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing specially trained professionals to prepare customised medication to meet each patient’s specific needs.

V-Tech offers compounding of prescribed medicines for the treatment of wildlife species, livestock and companion animals, in three world class, licensed pharmacies, equipped with the latest in technology.

Our compounding pharmacists can prepare:

  • unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication for each patient
  • medications in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as solutions or gels
  • combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage form for easier administration and improved owner compliance
  • medications that are not commercially available in the required form or strength