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Stock Remedies

Healthtech Laboratories was established in 1990 by the chemist Mr William Wyndham-Quin. William developed a range of stock remedies, feed supplements and accessories for horses. These developments addressed a need in the South African market for quality products produced at affordable prices and formed the cornerstone for the birth of a very successful company. Ice Man, a herbal based gel that contains the unique extract H8000, was born and remains the best selling animal health product in its category in South Africa.

In 1998, Healthtech Laboratories widened its focus to the consumer healthcare market with the launch of its blockbuster, Herbal Ice Cooling Gel. This new natural approach to pain relief proved to be very popular and soon the product was sold in Canada and the United Kingdom. Since then the company has expanded its product offering to various countries in the Middle East.

The Healthtech range has since been increased and offers quality products for birds, companion animals, horses, wildlife and cattle.

Equine Products



Cartilage supplement for horses



Calming supplement for horses



Prebiotic supplement for horses



Hoof supplement for horses



Sulfur supplement for dogs and horses



Digestive supplement for horses


Vita Cell

Vitamin and mineral supplement to support red cell production in horses



Horse Biscuits




Emerald Shampoo



Hooftech Oil



Leather Nutrient



Leather Cleaner



Natural Animal Shampoo



Showtech Shampoo



Companion Animals


Canine Calmer

Calming supplement for dogs



Cartilage supplement for dogs and cats


H9 Herbal Tablets

Skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats



Joint Supplement Biscuit


H9 Gel

For the temporary relief of localized dermatitis in dogs and cats



Resistance to Colistin discovered in SA poultry

NATIONAL NEWS – A national antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance programme has reportedly identified and confirmed the first ever known case in South Africa of resistance to Colistin.

Prudent use of antimicrobials in the poultry industry – The V-Tech Actif™ Plan

Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) has become an international topic due to the increase in trends of resistance patterns. Most developed countries put plans and strategies in place to manage AMR. This global problem and its impact on the health of people and animals necessitated the development of the V-Tech Actif™ plan.

Are antibiotics effective in treating human diseases

The World Health Organisation has indicated that there are an increasingly limited number of antibiotics available to treat human diseases effectively, and have previously issued a list of critically-important medicines that need to be protected.

Policy on responsible use of antimicrobials of the world veterinary association

The availability and use of antimicrobials for animals is essential to ensure go animal health and welfare. However, there is a risk that, as with their use in humans, the inappropriate use of antimicrobials in animals may contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)



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We employ approximately 50 staff which includes veterinarians, pharmacists, veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians and pharmacy assistants.


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