Healthtech Lifestyle Re-launch

Healthtech Lifestyle, a division of V-Tech (Pty) Ltd since 2012 is a well-known product range focused on supplementation for horses, dogs and cats. The product range has been holding its own for 5 years, but has needed a serious revamp. In the beginning of 2016 V-Tech started this process.


We invested in a design agency to assist with a few concept designs.



From there, we made use of a survey application, Upinion, and reached out to the end users and veterinarians to get their feedback. What an exciting time that was, and the feedback we received was invaluable. Much was learned about how our consumers purchase products for their animals. With the feedback from the survey we then went on to start the design process of our new look.


The RnD department at V-Tech has a massive role to play as well, ensuring that only the best ingredients were being used in our product formulations.

Healthtech Lifestyle is incredibly proud to say that we have officially re-launched our new and improved product range for equine and companion animals.

image imageimage

The new look embodies everything Healthtech Lifestyle stands for. A trusted, professional range that provides only the best for your pets. It is a lifestyle range which includes products from general supplementation to problem specific cases.


We hope that you love our new look as much as we do. We are very proud to deliver our consumers products that not only look great, but that work as well.

We thank our consumers for their continued support, and we hope that Healthtech Lifestyle will continue to be their range of choice for their pet’s needs.


  Healthtech Lifestyle Logo

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