Cape Town Cycle Tour and Herbal Iceman

Herbal Iceman and Cape Cycle Tour 2015

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ArgusThe 25th anniversary of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Expo took place from the 5th of March to the 7th of March and was host to 67 000 cyclists and visitors at the Good Hope Centre.

There were 159 exhibitors that filled a total of 369 stands which resulted in this expo being the largest one to date. There was concern that attendance would be low due to the route being shortened as a result of the devastating fires around Cape Town, but cyclists and visitors flocked through the Good Hope Centre in their masses with much enthusiasm and support for the fire-fighters and made the Argus 2015 a wonderful event.



Herbal Iceman exhibited at the expo for the first time this year and gained valuable insight into how the public received the new Herbal Iceman. The response was fantastic! A high percentage of the visitors knew and recognised Herbal Iceman. What did they say? “This product is fantastic!” “Herbal Iceman works wonders for everything” “We love the new packaging”

Herbal Iceman

20150306_193157Herbal Iceman contains menthol which is well known for its cooling properties. The menthol combined with the unique Herbal Iceman formula which includes extracts of Arnica and Echinacea, offers a cooling sensation which may provide temporary relief from localised pain – joint and muscle discomfort. Other benefits of Herbal Iceman include the treatment of sunburn and insect bites.

Herbal Iceman is for every outdoor living, health/ sporting enthusiast across various disciplines who take their sport and healthy living seriously. They work hard, train hard and play hard. They anticipate muscle pain and strain and thus carry a muscle cooling gel with them as a daily essential so that it can be applied during or after training, or a race.

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2 Responses to Cape Town Cycle Tour and Herbal Iceman

  1. Cornelia Kohler says:

    Hi!Got a few sample of your cooling Gel \\\\\”Iceman\\\\\” from my friend Vivienne Busse.I suffer from severe back pain, do to an operation to fix cracks in my spine. I safed somebody\\\\\’s life and got hurt. The bone cement closed the cracks, but the pain level is often quit high. I always used the transact plasters so far, but must compliment you on a very effectiv Gel!Definitly will spread the good news in the german speaking community! Working at the German International School we see often sports injuries.Kind regardsCornelia

  2. Good and Excellent article.

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