Semonkong Hospital Project

SHP 1This is the first year that V-Tech has had the opportunity to sponsor the Semonkong Hospital Project. V-Tech was introduced to this outreach through Cheryl Dunlop, our Customer Care Officer who has been involved in this project since 2008.

The Semonkong Hospital Project was started in July 2005 when a group of medical students took a trip to the village Semonkong, Lesotho and happened to stumble across a dilapidated hospital. This sighting opened their eyes to a need within the community.

Dr WaldeckIn 2006 the Semonkong Hospital Project was established by Dr Michael-Robert Waldeck who was a medical student at the time of the formation of the project. After many community meetings between the chief of the village and the members of the project, a relationship was formed.

The hospital will be built with the community in mind, by the community and the volunteers of the SHP. The mission behind this project is to build an eco-friendly ‘self-sustained’ hospital built with the material from the village, by the people of Semonkong. The community members have invested in this hospital as they will not only building it, they will also be working in it. The hospital is overseen by the International Hospital Missions Trust, but is managed by the Semonkong Hospital trust.


The project identified a need to help the community in various other ways, so they created numerous outreach programmes, which are used to assist the community whilst the hospital is being built. The members of the Veterinary Outreach Programme comprises of veterinarians and veterinary students from Onderstepoort. The teams travel to Semonkong twice a year to set up mobile veterinary clinics. The people of Semonkong rely heavily on their animals, for transport, food, and as a source of income. The Veterinary outreach is a fantastic programme that allows the volunteers and members of the project to treat the horses, livestock and companion pets for various causes.

DSC03560This year in September, the outreach went back to Semonkong for the 7th consecutive year to yet again assist the people of the community with their animals. The outreach was headed up by Dr Nicolle Gray from Park Veterinary Hospital in Boksburg. Dr Hildegard Setzkorn and Dawn Mansfield also joined the outreach this year and treated the many horses for hoof care, saddle sores, dental care, vaccinations and various other ailments. V-Tech sponsored medication and tack for the horses.

This year the Veterinarian team of the SHP treated approximately 6000 animals. The work done for this community is phenomenal.

For more information on the Semonkong Hospital Project visit their website

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  1. Daleen Alberts says:

    Ek is baie beindruk met wat julle doen. Ek sal baie graag wou betrokke raak as vrywilliger. Ek het n redelike goeie kennis van diere al het ek geen formele opleiding gehad nie. Ek nog altyd perde, honde, voels ens om my gehad. Ek is nie meer n kind nie en weet wat so n projek verg. Werk kan ek van vloere skrop tot funksies reel.
    Indien my hande erens n positiewe verandering kan maak kan julle my gerus kontak.

    Beste groete Daleen
    072 119 3118

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