V-Tech’s Education Initiative

V-Tech’s internal mantra for 2013 is “I can make the difference” and its up to each individual across the board to live this. With this in mind we at V-Tech have seen an opportunity to improve education amongst our staff and their families and in that, we’re making a difference to their lives in the long term.

Direct staff members were evaluated to establish if ABET (Adult Basic Education Training) was needed to bring their education level to a Matric. The first part of the course covers English and Maths. Once this has been completed the employees will then begin various other subjects. The Company makes a venue available on a weekly basis and covers the cost of the training. In turn the staff attend the classes in their own time on a Saturday. The difference this has made to their personal worth and value has been a reflection in their motivation to better themselves. As V-Tech we are extremely proud of the staff members participating in this learning programme and accepting the challenges it brings. They’re giving of their own time and are seizing the opportunity with both hands. So far in the course, Honey Magopane has excelled, and Karabo Lehlabaphiri has the highest attendance. Congratulations to both of these employees.


SpidermanHallo KittyAs an indirect influence to education we have established the Schoolbag project for the staff member’s direct family members still attending  school. Ever year in December Schoolbags are packed with stationary, books, etc for the new school year in order to help the parents financially and motivate the children to make the best of their education. The Schoolbags are for pupils attending formal school as well as for the little ones attending pre-school classes. They receive fun bags like a Hallo Kitty or Spiderman or Dora the Explorer, a lunch tin, cool drink bottle, crayons and a colouring book. This allows them to start the year equipped with all stationery requirements and to have a sense of pride and ownership. The message it conveys is that their parents work hard to bring them the extras that they might not necessarily have afforded.

Both these projects are intended to make a difference in the lives of the V-Tech employees and their families. We believe that by investing in our staff they will invest in V-Tech.

Written by: Nettie Vogel, HR Department

V-Tech Ican make the difference

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