Iceman® Ice Pain Away

For temporary pain relief in horses, relieve those weary, aching muscles.

HorseAs any athlete knows, the most important part of finishing a race or a work out is to ‘cool down’- the quicker you cool the muscles after exercise, the quicker the recovery. ICEMAN was formulated to do just this, reduce the heat of inflamed muscles after the heavy exercise.

Horses legs should be cooled down before and after exercise, after a hard days training apply ICEMAN to your horses tired muscles, it will assist in the recovery and make it easier to continue training the next day.

ICEMAN is a cool, blue gel which – even more importantly – is completely free of any scheduled substances. It is formulated entirely from a powerful range of herbs residue, (including Echinacea and Arnica) and it is one of the worlds first natural, herbal based cooling gels.Racing

It’s inventor the late Bill Quinn, a Gauteng biochemist, researched the properties of various herbs known to be used to soothe and cool the skin – this lead to the formulation of the well known H8000 extract. For many years ICEMAN has been used extensively in the race horse industry – and riders and grooms now apply it to the equine athlete of all disciplines.

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ICEMAN’s H8000 becomes ‘excited’ by light – the gel should never be covered by bandages or immediately after application – apart from having an instantaneous ‘cooling’ effect it also promotes circulation to damaged or stained muscle tissue.

Its gel formulation means that ICEMAN is quickly absorbed and it leaves no mess or greasy residue.

ICEMAN is available from pharmacies, Tack Shops, Veterinarians and    Co ops countrywide.

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2 Responses to Iceman® Ice Pain Away

  1. Brenda says:

    Good morning
    I use this product constantly, but have been told it should be kept in the fridge.
    I have osteo-arthritis in hands and feet, so any advice re this product would be most welcome.
    Thank you.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Ice man made me had a wonderful day after being enjured at the ground while I\’m playing soccer game it works like nothing else, I really appreciate ICE MAN cooling gel

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