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V-Tech BUZZ OFF Fly Repellent Spray and Gel now registered for use on dogs

V-Tech BUZZ OFF Fly Repellent Spray and Gel now registered for use on dogs

Reg. No. G2951 Act36/1947 – BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Gel
Reg. No. G2953 Act36/1947 – BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Spray

Renowned BUZZ OFF for horses has been a household name for many years, an essential product for any horse owner. Responding to the consumer request for an effective fly repellent spray registered for dogs, V-Tech extended the claim on the very well-known BUZZ OFF Spray and Gel to now include a claim for dogs.

The recent V-Tech launch

BUZZ OFF is an effective gel and spray-on fly repellent for protection against flies, now also registered for use on dogs.

BUZZ OFF™ Spray and Gel now offer convenient and effective protection against flies. The spray contains two insect-repelling ingredients, cypermethrin and citronella oil.

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid used as an insecticide. It behaves as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects. Citronella Oil naturally repels bugs. BUZZ OFF must not be used on cats.

Common questions and answers:
1. How Can I Keep Flies Off My Dog?
Keeping your dog clean and healthy will go a long way in keeping flies at bay, but there are other steps you can take to get them off your dog’s back, literally. If flies are targeting a specific area on your dog, say his ears, try applying Buzz Off Fly Repellent Spray or Buzz Off Fly Repellent Gel to the area to keep them from biting. Buzz Off – Now registered for use on dogs.

2. How do I control flies in my backyard? Avoiding Attracting Flies
• Keep your yard clean. Flies are attracted to any strong smell; if you eliminate the odours, you’ll drastically reduce the fly population outside your home.
• Cut your lawn often
• Mind your compost bin
• Guard against stagnant water
• Keep fruit and fruit peelings out of your bird feeders
• Use Buzz Off Fly Repellent Spray or Buzz Off Fly Repellent Gel on your dogs and horses to keep them fly free.

3. What well known fly repellent Spray and Gel are both now registered for use on dogs?

Because BUZZ OFF is now registered for dogs and it now also comes in a very handy 250ml spray bottle. Available at your local veterinarian or vet shop.

The BUZZ OFF range includes the following,
BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Spray 250 ml
BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Spray 750 ml
BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Spray 5l refill
BUZZ OFF™ Fly Repellent Gel 400 g

The V-Tech Foundation

The V-Tech Foundation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, Nelson Mandela.

The V-Tech Foundation aims to enhance or improve the educational conditions of V-Tech’s own employees children, thus creating lifelong friendships and fuelling optimism in a world where daily headlines are filled with awful news. These days optimism is in short supply and the V-Tech Foundation is set to ensure that for these individuals life can get better.

Africa Check has highlighted that the matric pass rate is not a reliable benchmark of education quality in South Africa. One of the problems it obscures is the high dropout rate in the South African schooling system.

IMG-20180323-WA0031South Africa’s education system is in a state of “crisis”. The World Economic Forum claims that the country is at the bottom of the class for the quality of its maths and science education and there are concerns about high drop-out rates in schools with nearly half of all school pupils dropping out long before they can reach their matric year. The drop out can be attributed to economic, social and academic reasons. The dropout rate has had a significant impact. A 2011 report from Basic Education revealed that “60% of youths are left with no qualification at all beyond the Grade 9 level”

The latest numbers from the Department of Basic Education, 9 January 2018, show that 12% of all pupils were repeating a grade in 2015. The department has suggested that this is due to the “inability of many schools to get teaching and learning right and the burden of home background disadvantage”.

The power of education is undeniable across the world, both socially and personally, in both developing and developed countries. It is with this in mind that V-Tech launched the “V-Tech Foundation” to improve or enhance the educational opportunities for our own employees and their children.


“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”, B.B. King.

Education is the key to alleviating global poverty, helping individuals uplift themselves and their families and achieving sustained community transformation.


That the path out of poverty begins with access to a decent education. The V-Tech Foundation will ensure that especially those with the fewest resources—can access the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.

V-Tech understands the importance of education and the Foundation is about helping low-income families to get the same opportunities as everyone else.


Only employees earning below a certain income level may benefit from the subsidy awarded by the V-Tech Foundation. The beneficiaries must be direct family of the employee and certain criteria must be met to qualify. The subsidy is reviewed on an annual basis based on the individual submissions and motivations and the progress of the beneficiaries. Funds are paid directly to the institution.


“We have made education the focus of the Foundation because it’s the key to a prosperous future, for both individuals and the country”, says Dr Johan Oosthuyse, V-Tech CEO. “We support early learning, secondary and tertiary institutions including school fees, stationary and books, uniforms and transport to and from school. With the high drop out rate due to many reasons, including economic, social and academic, it is imperative that we support our V-Tech family to help individuals to become agents of change in service to their peers, their families and their communities”. He goes on to say, “Our goal is for all our employee’s children to attend school, complete school and to do well. This will prepare them and equip them to pursue their dreams, making a better life for themselves and their families”.


“The time for change is upon us and we all have a role to play to create and contribute to the country we believe in. I believe everyone has the capability to collaborate and join hands to bring about meaningful change.”Cyril Ramaphosa

Africa Check. 2018. South Africa’s matric pass rate obscures dropout rate | Africa Check. [ONLINE] Available at: https://africacheck.org/spot-check/south-africas-matric-pass-rate-obscures-dropout-rate/. [Accessed 19 March 2018].

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